Can Olympic athletes smoke marijuana? The answer is more complicated than you think


For the uninitiated cannabis user, what does this scientific jargon really mean in practice? Marijuana usually stays in a casual user’s system for a few weeks, and in a chronic user’s for over a month (though this varies person to person), but with some time between use and competition, the level of marijuana may be too insignificant to trigger a positive Olympic drug test. To put this in perspective, most workplaces with drug testing policies have much stricter thresholds for marijuana use — they won’t bat an eye if you have between 15 and 50 ng/ml of marijuana in your system, but you’d be in big trouble with 150 ng/ml. For those wondering about cannabidiol, Olympic athletes have had the full green light to use CBD products, such as CBD lotions, serums and salves, since 2019.

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