Marijuana referendum could be re-voted on by Marshall City Council


MARSHALL, Ill. (WTHI) — People in living in Marshall, Illinois voted on a referendum, Tuesday and after a very close race, they voted to not allow the sale or manufacturer of marijuana. But the Mayor of Marshall said that could change.

According to Marshall Mayor John Trefz, this was a “Non-binding” referendum. This means if 2 members of the city council wanted to, they could bring the question up at the next city council meeting.

The council could then re-vote on the referendum as an ordinance, and that vote would be the final answer. Meaning, they could vote to allow the sale and manufacturing of marijuana in the city. Even though the majority of the people voted not to.

“I don’t see that happening at this point, but you never know. The voters talked and they voted and we should probably let it go that way,” Trefz said. “We’re elected to vote and represent our people. If you’re staying true to that statement, you should vote how your people, how it turned out,” he said.

We just learned from the Clark County Clerk, an election judge gave 7 wrong ballots out Tuesday. That means people living outside of the city could have voted on the referendum. She also said they are waiting on 3 absentee ballots.

Because this was non-binding the votes won’t necessarily change the decision of the referendum. It will still be looked at by the city council.

The next city council meeting is supposed to be the second Monday in April. That’s where they could discuss this referendum again. The mayor said they could also call a special meeting.

News 10 will continue to follow this story for you. 

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