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There’s a line in Henry Flynt’s essay “The Meaning of My Avant-Garde Hillbilly and Blues Music” where the avant-garde musician discusses how he obtained “an intellectual basis to reject the claim of cultural superiority.” He throws out a useful paradox there. Basically, he’s saying that in order to praise the music that smart and allegedly discerning people often view as plain and simple (hillbilly and blues), he had to get smart himself in order to tell the smart people they were actually not all that smart, and apply all that smartness he weaponized toward hillbilly and blues music. Learning a whole bunch of the ins and outs of European Classical meant he could go, “y’all, this stuff ain’t better than this other supposedly ‘dumber’ stuff.”

We’re not talking about music, we’re talking about weed, but the point is the same. There is the somewhat deep understanding surrounding cannabis: all the trivia about strains and cross strains and just general basic stuff about how weed works; THC attaches to the CB1 receptor or whatever it is that happens. And there is the visceral feeling — or feelings and sensations and alleviations — it provides, and you can appreciate the latter a little differently if you understand the former, I think. But too often folks are smug ding-dongs about it. I will try not to be a smug ding-dong.

Miracle Alien Cookies — or MAC — combines a hybrid of Starfighter and Columbian with Alien Cookies (which is Girl Scout Cookies and Alien Dawg). You’ll quickly recognize the Girl Scout Cookies inside MAC. Awhile back, I wondered if the rather trendy GSC isn’t “the MSG or bacon of weed.” You know, just a thing you throw into your hybrid to do the heavy lifting and make a passable new-ish strain. It at least smells unique. Not even good necessarily, but unique. It’s swampy smelling, and when you smoke, a mustard seed and a seaweed taste take over (the smell reminded me a bit of White Widow, a strain I’ve not thought about, let alone sniffed, in many, many years).

You would be forgiven for thinking that all hybrid and phenotype talk is becoming a tad meaningless, and zoning out when the ins and outs of another strain that sure does sound like a lot of other strains are described in detail. The world of weed is weird and really annoying right now. But try and be like Flynt, and Miracle Alien Cookies — an even Indica/Sativa split — lets you do that. There is GSC’s sinewy, somewhat narcotic sort of stoned-ness here, but it also has a pensiveness creeping underneath it. You’re relaxed and thoughtful and discerning. MAC’s high has an investigative edge to it too — it feels as if you’re putting a magnifying glass to the whole world around you. You can see/hear/feel (for 45 minutes or so) Miracle Alien Cookies offering something like what Flynt says about his avant-garde hillbilly and blues music: “A beauty which is ecstatic and perpetual, while at the same time being concretely human and emotionally profound.”

Strength: 9

Nose: Roasted seaweed snacks

Euphoria: 7

Existential dread: 5

Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 4

Music pairing: Closer to Grey by the Chromatics

Drink pairing: Coffee

Rating: 8

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