Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Buying A Marijuana Farm In California?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in formal attire walking into an event.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not going into the weed business. A fanciful and ridiculous article claiming otherwise in a tabloid this week is just silly. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

You have to give credit to the Globe for its creativity by inventing one of the most insane fairy tales we’ve seen around here in a long while. An article in the paper this week claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “going to pot” and buying a $9 million dollar cannabis farm to finance their new life outside of the royal family. The absurd story asserts that Prince Harry “plans to turn his years as a stoner into a king’s ransom — by launching a huge marijuana business empire.”

A so-called “royal insider” says, “While she’s got an agent fishing for roles, Harry’s never been involved in any sort of real business enterprise.” So, this dubious source claims, he’s decided to try his hand at growing ganja. The tipster goes on to allege that Prince Harry has “been smoking marijuana for years” and it’s “something he likes and knows about.” It’s worth noting, as the phony report does, that Prince Harry was somewhat notorious for his partying ways in his 20s, much like millions of other twenty-somethings, but he’s never been seen smoking weed or talked about it publicly at all.

This “royal insider” purports to know all kinds of details about this supposed business venture, saying, “His new land will be used to raise crops and for a factory to produce legal marijuana products.” The duke doesn’t just plan on being a gentleman farmer, as “Harry’s also looking to buy state-authorized dispensaries to market his wares,” the supposed source claims.

Finally, the tabloid attempts to connect Meghan Markle’s nephew Tyler, who is in the cannabis business, with Prince Harry’s business plan. According to “insiders,” Tyler’s “experience in the marijuana business would be invaluable to Harry’s money-making plans.” The problem here, however, is that Tyler Markle has not spoken to his aunt in at least four years and was not invited to her wedding.

There is no evidence that Tyler is anything but completely estranged from Meghan Markle, just as the duchess is with most of her father’s side of her family, including her father, Thomas, and her half-brother, Thomas Jr., who is Tyler’s father. Tyler simply made headlines a couple years ago when he started selling of strain of grass he dubbed “Markle’s Sparkle” as he tried to profit on his aunt’s fame. It’s highly unlikely that Prince Harry, who likely hasn’t even met Tyler, would turn to him for something like this, even if Prince Harry was buying a pot farm, which he’s not.

The most obvious point the tabloid has missed in this entire ridiculous article is that ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be stepping back from their senior royal positions, they have steadfastly maintained they would “continuing to honor [their] duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth, and [their] patronages.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said they have no intention to besmirch or embarrass the family name, and while marijuana is legal in a growing number of states and countries, it is unlikely Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles would find getting into the business as anything but going against the values of the crown.

Adding to this is the Globe’s dismal record when it comes to “reporting” on Prince Harry — like the time last November when it claimed on its cover that Prince Charles had told Prince Harry he was not his real father. Gossip Cop explained exactly why that tired old rumor is false at the time. Still, the tabloid was back making up tall tales just two months later when another phony cover story purporting that Prince Harry was having a mental breakdown in Canada. Gossip Cop debunked both these bogus reports, along with many others by the unreliable outlet over the years. The tabloid simply cannot be trusted to report the facts.

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