This 100-year-old medical-marijuana cabinet from Antiques Roadshow would be worth even more if not for a sticky-fingered sibling


The lesson? Never trust your older brother with a vintage medical case containing medical marijuana.

It was a find demanding some high-minded sleuthing by appraisers on Antiques Roadshow. The PBS staple show recently featured a century-old medical marijuana case.

The cabinet was well-preserved and thought to date back to perhaps 1890 or 1900, when doctors could legally possess cannabis as part of their medical kits. Sold to the right collector, the appraiser expected it could fetch a handsome US$5,000 to US$7,000, Marijuana Moment reports.

Of course, the valuation could have been even higher had the medical case been fully intact. The kits have compartments for tins or jars holding specific herbs, roots or natural remedies, and this trunk housed 288 of them.

But three tins were empty, void of their original contents, including one labeled “cannabis sativa.” Asked if he knew what might have happened to the contents, the owner replied his older brother discovered the case and smoked the weed.

Clearly, the potential haul for the cabinet owner could have been more if not for his sticky-fingered, weed-hankering brother.



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